"Mass of "Bread on the Water" - (original music by Ordinary Time 2005)":
Gospel Acclamation(LENTEN)(cc) (mp3 @ 580kb)
  - Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ; King of endless glory!
Holy Holy(cc) (mp3 @ 586k)
Memorial Acclamation D(cc) (mp3 @ 272k)
- When we eat this bread...
Amen(cc) (mp3 @ 182k)
Lamb of God(cc) (mp3 @ 554k)

These Mass parts are from the
"Mass of Waiting - (original music by Ordinary Time 2003)":
Gloria(cc) (mp3 @ 1.5mb) No Gloria during Advent or Lent!
Gospel Acclamation(cc) (mp3 @ 397k)
Holy Holy(cc) (mp3 @ 793k)
Memorial Acclamation B(cc) (mp3 @ 294k)
- Dying you destroyed...
Amen(cc) (mp3 @ 425k)
Lamb of God(cc) (mp3 @ 733k)

These Mass parts are from the
"Mass of Thyme - (original music by Ordinary Time 2001):
Gospel Acclamation(cc) (mp3 @ 222k)
Sheet Music as GIF:Alleluia(cc) Right click and "save target as" and then open and print with a Paint progam.
Holy Holy(cc) (mp3 @ 699k)
Memorial Acclamation D(cc) (mp3 @ 509K)
- Lord, By Your Cross...
Amen(cc) (mp3 @ 414k)
Lamb of God(cc) (mp3 @ 763k)
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